Houserules and other Misc


Ok, Character generation. We’ll start at Rank 2, because Rank 1 starts are a bit slow (certainly for the type of game this will most likely turn into). Normally, the GM would just give you a certain number of experience points, and you’d make a character from that, but when going to rank 2, because of the way that insight rank works, its hard to give flexibility in translating experience points to this rank. Combined with my house rules on skill rank costs means I’ve got one or two rules for you guys to use when genning your characters.


- Very simple. For every 5 points of Advantages you take, you have to take 3 points of disadvantages minimum. Since normally, disadvantages and advantages normally confer and use up experience points respectively at char gen, I’m capping both to 15 points worth of Advantages, and 10 points worth of Disadvantages, so they don’t interfere with the rest of your character generation too much.
- The following Advantages are GM confirmation only, because they can be extremely dubious, gameplay wise. If you want to take these advantages, PM me with details of why your character should be allowed to take any of these, but I do reserve the right to say no if I think its unnecessary, unjustified, etc . Ill provide reasoning in responses, and I will try and compromise where possible.
- Different School/Multiple Schools (the latter more to consider balance issues), but the former I’d like a heads up just to rubberstamp it).
- Gaijin Gear (for weapons only, non-weapon stuff is interesting and cool)
- Inner Gift ( for confirming its exact effect, as per the advantage)
- Forbidden Knowledge (some examples such as Gozoku one are so so, but some like Gaijin Pepper are too dubious to allow without consideration)
- All standard rules regarding advantages/disadvantages on pg 148 apply as well, unless there is a good reason for your character to break them, per se.
- Note that Advantages in some cases can be bought during gameplay, or awarded for cool things happening – see me after a session or even prior to discuss specifics, or failing that, send me a line via PM on here or the rpgsoc forums.


- The insight rank you’ll be aiming for will be 155, as this is not too far into rank 2, but gives some additional flexibility.
- You get 2 trait increases from Family and School. When building your character, you can have an additional 4 trait increases max, to a total of 6 trait (in the case of void, ring) increases. If you want to pour points into skills, be my guest, but traits are important. Note, that rings only go up based on the lowest of 2 traits, hence the limit in traits allows you to make a balanced character.
- For skills, the following rules are in place
- No skill can be above 5 for a starting character. Your characters are fairly low level, and too high level numbers makes it completely daft at this point.
- Mastery abilities that add additional insight do other things, because with the skill rank system I’m running, it makes it a bit silly. Ill get round to putting out a list of complete changes closer to time.
- For in campaign – skills are no longer 1 point apiece as I used to make them, for ranks 1-3 its 1 pt per rank, for 4-6, its 2 points a rank,for 7-9, 3 points a rank and for rank 10, a justification as to why your character is that good to be at that skill rank (which is effectively perfection in something), and 4 points for that rank.
- Also, your character is allowed to take 3 extra Emphases, in addition to what he gets as part of his schools skills, as well as any 2 kata and/or Kiho (if you have the ability to do so), that you have the prerequisites for.
- The heritage tables from The Great Clans are also up for use; if you want to use them, then you get 1 roll on it, and thats it. Bear in mind, these can be both good for your character, or bad for him/her. or a mixed bag.
- Spellcasters, you get your starting spell numbers from rank 1, an additional 3 spells from rank 2 and an additional 3 spells to help give some variety from GM.
- Some character backstory before we begin is always appreciated by the GM.
-For this campaign, the majority of the party have to be mantis. Thus, unless you have a concept that cannot work in the mantis/is essential somehow to your gameplay experience, Mantis schools/Mantis families for generation. I reserve the right to say no to a concept that doesnt make sense with the theme of the game or one that I feel would spoil the immersion of the party.

The last rule on character creation – don’t be a bell end when making a character. The more believeable and plausible the character, the more you’ll generally find you enjoy playing them.

Updates will appear when necessary

Houserules and other Misc

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