Expectations of Players and Players expectations of GM

This page is a basic guide to what you as players can expect from me as your GM, as well as some guidelines to how to become the kind of roleplayers GM’s fight over :)

Basic things I would expect from players

  1. Arrive on time for Thursday sessions, as well as to sessions (if any) that are arranged for other days. If you can’t arrive to a session, or will be late for whatever reason, either post on the forums before the session, or send me a text (I generally make my number available to my players) telling me. If you’ll miss a session, I might NPC your character, but if you don’t want me to do this, tell me.
  2. Respect your fellow players. So, if someone is talking, don’t talk over them, or if I’m trying to provide some exposition, don’t start talking or whatnot. If you have a question for me, wait till I’ve finished or there is a natural lull in the talking. In short, don’t be that player who monopolises all the attention by being the loudest.
  3. Don’t metagame or otherwise use Out of Character knowledge to screw with another player, or with the plot.
  4. Makes sure any bookkeeping with XP, or NPCs is sorted out prior to the session beginning if possible.
  5. If you have an issue with the game, tell me after its done, and we’ll attempt to sort the issue out, dependent on what type of issue it is. If it involves another player and I haven’t myself addressed it because it hasn’t hindered the party generally, talk to that player personally about it, and attempt to reach a solution that way. Only if that breaks down will I think about talking to a player.
  6. Use me and my personal knowledge of this setting. If you have a question about your character or the universe, just ask.
  7. Give me honest feedback after sessions, what worked, what didn’t. Simple as. This helps me target my game better, as well as improving my GM style.

What I’d like to see

  1. Play your character as they play. Get into the role you’re playing, and do characterful things because it’d be cool, and make sense.
  2. Encourages his/her party members to get into their characters more, and to try and get into the story more. Obviously, theres an onus on me to make the game fun, but the players are always integral to the game.
  3. A personal thing of mine; if you partake in gaming snacks other players bring for the group, then at some point bring some in to share with the group. Its basically just good old fashioned reciprocity.
  4. If I am GM need a hand with stuff to do with the session, it would be greatly appreciated. Similarly, helping players out by looking up stuff in books if they’re roleplaying is a much appreciated thing, since it keeps the immersion going without the interacting parties having to stop, check then go.

Things you can expect of me as GM

  1. Im a pretty easy going bloke, who has a reasonably informal GM style. If you need to chat in game about something and I can, I will. Also, though its me saying it, I’d like to think Im not an asshat who will screw players around for the lulz or even on provocation.
  2. I’m on time for most sessions, and usually about 10-15 minutes early to set up. If you need to sort something out then, I’m usually there early.
  3. I own copies of all the current sourcebooks and materials for L5R 4E; if you need to know something, there will be the materials for it. If not, I’ll hammer out something with you based on rules/GM discretion. In addition, in matters of GM discretion, I’m generally quite even handed.
  4. I generally bring snacks to a session, mainly M&M’s.
  5. In matters of plot and such relating to your character, I will do my best to discuss things with you and do justice to your character.
  6. I put planning into my sessions when possible, but sometimes there will be improvised sessions. You can expect a reasonable amount of effort to be put into plot and game stuff.

Thats all for the meantime.

Expectations of Players and Players expectations of GM

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