Yoritomo Reika - Iron Yojimbo (post game)

Iron Diadoji


Rank 8
Daidoji Iron Yojimbo

Sta: 6
Wil: 6 Earth: 6
Str: 6
Per: 4 Water: 4
Ref: 4
Awa: 3 Air: 3
Agi: 4
Int: 4 Fire: 4

Void: 4

Honour: 9.4
Status: 4.0
Glory: 9.8 In the Ivory Kingdoms, 3.2 In Rokugan

Initiative: 10k5 + 9
TN: 32 (25 + 7) (Red:3)
Wounds: 202 (202/161/138/115/92/69/46/23)
Heal rate: 20

Different School (5): Daidoji Iron Warrior
Language (1) : Ivindi
Wary (3): +1k1 to ambush noticing
Strength of the Earth (2) : -3TN to wound penalties
Daredevil (2) : void point gives +3k1 to athletics
Sacred No-Dachi (6) : 3k4 No-Dachi Kazutoshi
Large (4): +1k0 damage for large weapons.
Tactician (3): add or subtract 5 from Mass battle rolls.
Great Potential [Kenjutsu] (5): make raises up to Kenjutsu skill ranks
Kharmic Tie x2 (2) [Yoritomo Kazuya]: twice per session you can add 1k1 to attack rolls made in defense of your kharmic tie
Bishamon’s Blessing: gain one free raise for every 3 raises spent towards damage. Gain +1k0 on strength trait rolls.

Gullible (4) : +1k1 to deceiver
Can’t Lie (2) : TN20 will or speak up when party lies
Daikoku’s Curse (4) : -3k2 to commerce
Disturbing Aura, Rusting (4) : Daikoku punishes you by tarnishing metal to your touch, gold itself can rust in your presence. Social skills +5TN, some will find you possessed by Bad Fortune.
Ascetic (2): Gain half the glory you usually would, you have no taste for material things and live simply.
Cursed by the Realm [Yume-do]: requires 10 hours of sleep to regain void points, due to nightmares.

Diadoji Rank 1: Honor (rounded down) minus two added to wounds at each wound rank. +1k0 to all attacks in Attack Stance

Diadoji Rank 2: Guard benefits last an addition round. +15 Armor to guard target. -0 Armor to guard.

Diadoji Rank 3: Attacks are simple actions in Attack Stance

Diadoji Rank 4: Void point grants +2k1 to attacks and Damage next turn against an opponent who attacks guard or her guard target.

Diadoji Rank 5: Spending two Void points grants an immediate free action to move towards a target, becoming the new recipient of the target’s attack.

Haruma Yojimbo R3: After an attack you may declare a guard as a free action, during the next turn this target gains the difference between your attack role and the enemies armor TN as an addition to their armor TN.

Forest Killers: Strength of the Forest – Add Stamina to each wound rank and to all damage results.

Ronin Technique: Shelter of the Blameless – when you are actively defending or protecting another you gain a bonus void point for use during that round (only)

Investigation (7) – 10.5k4 (10k5 Ambush)
Medicine (7) 10.5k3 (2k1 heal)
Meditation (3) 7k4
Etiquette (5) 8k3
Cortier (4) 7k3
Corouse (3) 7k4
Sincerity (3) 6k3
Lore: Gaijin Combat Styles (3) 7k4
Lore: Warfare (4) 8k4

Battle (Mass Battle) (9) 10.5k5
Defense (7) 10.5k4
Iajutsu (3) 7k4
Kenjutsu (No-Dachi)(9) 10.5k5
Kyujutsu (3) 7k4
Polearms (5) 9k4
Knives (3) 7k4
Athletics (4) 8k4
Hunting (5) 9k4

Stealth (4) 8k4
Intimidation (5) 8k3/10.5k6 (strength-based)

Mastery Abilities:
Investigation: +5 to contested roles (10k5 – detect ambush)
Medicine: +1k0 wounds healed (total 2k1 wounds)
Meditation: Gain 2 void points instead of 1 after half an hour of meditating
Etiquette: +5 +1k0 to contested.
Courtier: +3 Insight

Battle: + Battle to insight
Defense: Maintain defense roll if better than the new roll each round of full defense. +3TN in defensive stances.
Iajutsu: Free action to draw No-Dachi & Katana
Kenjutsu: +1k0 Damage to No-Dachi & Katana, 9s and 10s explode.
Kyujutsu: Bow restringing is a simple action
Polearms: +5 Insight for Round 1. +1k0 Damage.
Knives: No penalties for using a knife in the off hand
Athletics: Moderate and difficult terrain 1 class less difficult.
Hunting: +1k0 to stealth rolls in wilderness

Intimidation: +5TN to contested intimidation
Stealth: 20ft move simple action whilst stealthy.

Iron in the Mountains Style: Earth ring used for defensive armor TN (8)
Striking as Earth: Reduction +4 in full defense
Strength of the Crane: Add Honor -3 to Armour TN
Strength of the Mountain: Reduce Initiative by up to your Earth Ring, Increase your TN by this number

Modified Heavy Armour – Mantis Green: Armour TN +7, Reduction: 3, +5TN to athletics & Stealth rolls.
Sacred No-Dachi Kazutoshi: 3k4, Samurai, Large, Crystal-edged.
Nagamaki (polearm): 2k3
Crystal Weighted Kanda: 3k3
Daisho set:
Katana: Medium, Samurai, 3k2, spend Void to increase damage 1k1
Wakizashi: Medium, Samurai, 2k2, May be thrown up to 20’
2 Tanto: Small, 1k1
Rugged clothing
One weeks rations
Travelling pack:
50’ Rope
Medical Kit
Bottle of Water

Important Rolls:
No-Dachi Attack/Damage: 10.5k5/10.5k4+6 (10k6/10.5k4+6 attack stance)
No-Dachi Guarding (Vigilance of Mind) Attack/Damage (attack Stance): 10k8/10.5k6+6
Int: 10k5(+9)
Battle Knowledge 10.5k5
Detect Ambush 10k5


Yoritomo Reika - Iron Yojimbo (post game)

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