Yoritomo Reika


Rank 7
Daidoji Iron Yojimbo

Sta: 6
Wil: 6 Earth: 6
Str: 5
Per: 4 Water: 4
Ref: 4
Awa: 3 Air: 3
Agi: 4
Int: 3 Fire: 3

Void: 4

Honour: 9.4
Status: 4.0
Glory: 9.8

Initiative: 10.5k4 + 9
TN: 32 (25 + 7) (Red:3)
Wounds: 202 (202/161/138/115/92/69/46/23)
Heal rate: 19

Different School (5): Daidoji Iron Warrior
Language (1) : Ivindi
Wary (3): +1k1 to ambush noticing
Strength of the Earth (2) : -3TN to wound penalties
Daredevil (2) : void point gives +3k1 to athletics
Sacred No-Dachi (6) : 3k4 No-Dachi Kazutoshi
Tactician (3): add or subtract 5 from Mass battle rolls.

Gullible (4) : +1k1 to deceiver
Can’t Lie (2) : TN20 will or speak up when party lies
Daikoku’s Curse (4) : -1k1 to commerce

Diadoji Rank 1: Honor (rounded down) minus two added to wounds at each wound rank. +1k0 to all attacks in Attack Stance

Diadoji Rank 2: Guard benefits last an addition round. +15 Armor to guard target. -0 Armor to guard.

Diadoji Rank 3: Attacks are simple actions in Attack Stance

Diadoji Rank 4: Void point grants +2k1 to attacks and Damage next turn against an opponent who attacks guard or her guard target.

Diadoji Rank 5: Spending two Void points grants an immediate free action to move towards a target, becoming the new recipient of the target’s attack.

Haruma Yojimbo R3: After an attack you may declare a guard as a free action, during the next turn this target gains the difference between your attack role and the enemies armor TN as an addition to their armor TN.

Forest Killers: Strength of the Forest – Add Stamina to each wound rank and to all damage results.

Investigation (7) – 10.5k4 (10k5 Ambush)
Medicine (7) 10k3 (2k1 heal)
Etiquette (5) 8k3
Cortier (4) 7k3
Corouse (3) 7k4
Sincerity (3) 6k3
Lore: Gaijin Combat Styles (3) 6k3
Lore: Warfare (4) 7k3

Battle (Mass Battle) (9) 10.5k5
Defense (6) 10k4
Iajutsu (3) 7k4
Kenjutsu (No-Dachi)(9) 10.5k5
Kyujutsu (3) 7k4
Polearms (5) 9k4
Knives (3) 7k4
Athletics (4) 8k4
Hunting (5) 9k4

Stealth (4) 8k4
Intimidation (5) 8k3/10k5 (strength-based)

Mastery Abilities:
Investigation: +5 to contested roles (10k5 – detect ambush)
Medicine: +1k0 wounds healed (total 2k1 wounds)
Etiquette: +5 +1k0 to contested.
Courtier: +3 Insight

Battle: + Battle to insight
Defense: Maintain defense roll if better than the new roll each round of full defense. +3TN in defensive stances.
Iajutsu: Free action to draw No-Dachi & Katana
Kenjutsu: +1k0 Damage to No-Dachi & Katana, 9s and 10s explode.
Kyujutsu: Bow restringing is a simple action
Polearms: +5 Insight for Round 1. +1k0 Damage.
Knives: No penalties for using a knife in the off hand
Athletics: Moderate and difficult terrain 1 class less difficult.
Hunting: +1k0 to stealth rolls in wilderness

Intimidation: +5TN to contested intimidation
Stealth: 20ft move simple action whilst stealthy.

Iron in the Mountains Style: Earth ring used for defensive armor TN (8)
Striking as Earth: Reduction +4 in full defense

Modified Heavy Armour – Mantis Green: Armour TN +7, Reduction: 3, +5TN to athletics & Stealth rolls.
Sacred No-Dachi Kazutoshi: 3k4, Samurai, Large, Crystal-edged.
Nagamaki (polearm): 2k3
Crystal Weighted Kanda: 3k3
Daisho set:
Katana: Medium, Samurai, 3k2, spend Void to increase damage 1k1
Wakizashi: Medium, Samurai, 2k2, May be thrown up to 20’
2 Tanto: Small, 1k1
Rugged clothing
One weeks rations
Travelling pack:
50’ Rope
Medical Kit
Bottle of Water
10 Dinar

Important Rolls:
No-Dachi Attack/Damage: 10.5k5/9k4+6 (10k6/9k4+6 attack stance)
No-Dachi Guarding (Vigilance of Mind) Attack/Damage (attack Stance): 10k8/10.5k5+6
Int: 10k4(+9)
Battle Knowledge 10k5
Detect Ambush 10k5


Daikoku’s favor features heavily in Mantis society, so being cursed so utterly by the fortunes in the art of commerce has never won a Mantis samurai prestige or Honor. With five Kuku in her palm, the young Reika would find it was two coins short at the end of the day. Deals she was able to make quickly soured, business contracts made when she was present seemed doomed to loss: naturally superstitious, as all sailors are, Yoritomo Reika was quickly becoming a bad financial omen by the age of 20.

She had two options: to continue to dishonor her family as a Bushi trader or seek external training to redeem her name in the eyes of the Yoritomo. Thus her training began with the Crane in partial exile, funded in part by her father Yoritomo Suchiro.

Upon her return over a decade later a meeting was held to discuss the financial and diplomatic strain Reika’s training had caused the family. Native to a poor coastal town, the magistrates were displeased that such coin had been wasted by Suchiro (now retired) on his daughter’s training: especially Crane training on a samurai already developing a reputation of bringing financial woes to whatever boat she tried to sail with. Reika, shamed, was to be banished from the Yoritomo (an effective death sentence, if not to shortly be followed by her Seppuku) at the end of her hearing when the deliberation was interrupted by pirates hitting the trading town – the guard, trained by the Crane, stepped into the fray defending condemning magistrate and cynical elder alike behind her blade.

The question of a bodyguards use amongst the Yoritomo was not questioned again that day: Yoritomo Reika, gifted with a blessed No-Dachi, Kazutoshi, from the temple shrine, left the town with her family’s blessing and her name intact; soon heeding the call for warriors to join the excursion to the Ivory lands, hoping to continue this new, more positive legacy.

Raised unquestionably by the Crane as (cruder men have called) a Doji lapdog, and suffering dishonor amongst the Mantis in her youth, Yoritomo Reika is a less than suitable candidate to lead in anything but battle strategy. Gullible in nature, especially when persuaded by a superior, and trained unquestionably to uphold the virtues of Honor and Honesty, Reika lacks direction without the parameters set by her commander. She tends to fall silently to the side of those most at risk, as her guard training has instilled. Naturally wary, her distrust of outsiders is born of the honor in her station: an honor which often keeps her from sullying the Yoritomo name with improper attire or low, underhanded tactics.

The fact that she is a sore thumb in her heavy armor amongst a gaijin camp troubles her less with the No-Dachi, Kazutoshi, at her side and her Nagamaki at her back.

Points of Honor & Dishonor
+ Being assigned to her new Captain Yoritomo Akhito, they headed out on their first mission.. Although forced to consort with Gaijin, Reika’s sharp senses led her to quickly spring to her captain’s aid when he became cornered alone in a bar: taking 50 wounds in a hail of blows, the guard returned attack with a retribution so powerful it crippled two of the attacker, effectively cutting them in half – the Oni-like appearance of the Daidoji woman causing a ripple of fear through the town and a significant boost to the glory of her Yoritomo name.
+ Reika, suffering the dishonor of committing Kazutoshi to gaijin storage once during her journey remained adamant the weapon should not leave her hands again – when confronted by a Rumas solider about her strange attire she claimed that her weapon and armor were the perfect embodiment of her ancestor’s fighting strength and no Rumas shield was a match for that: accepting the challenge Reika cut the legionnaire’s tower shield clean in half, increasing the glory and honor of her clan.
+ Coming upon her enemies within a clearing, the warrior cleaved through her enemies like they were bamboo targets. After almost killing one foe and slicing another to pieces, her warcry forced her foes to test their will to continue fighting the Daidoji. She clung to Kazutoshi, determined not to fall to her wounds as the Shugenja blessed her form – sensing the captain of the rescued strike force was in immediate danger she rushed forward, cutting a blow through a solider from crotch to skull, halving the man with the force to bring an Oni to its knees. In the face of the invincible Rakshasa she drew her sword back and swung with enough force to shatter rock two times over, but the creature’s magical form was impervious cracking the samurai’s sacred weapon.
+ Whilst Kazutoshi was being repaired, the woman was forced to seek other options to slay the fearsome Rakshasa, being granted the honor of wielding a large crystal kanda she did her ancestors proud, Mastering a new weapon within a week, to further the glory of the Yoritomo.
+ Riding to the Rumasan capital the party were blocked by guards in their road – their commander incapacitated Reika stepped forward with her knowledge of war and her warrior’s air: convincing the guards that they were an important allied strike force.
+ Refusing to be disarmed and sent unprepared into the final confrontation with the Rakshasa, Reika used her newly learned hunting skills to position herself on the roof of the senate building with Kazuya, abseiling down to the aid of her comrades and the defense of their allies-to-be when the real threats revealed themselves. With the power of earth running through her veins with the aid of their shugenja, she was content to watch the Rakshasa fall at the hands of the Tsuruchi: knowing her power alone would have been sufficient had it come to that. With the skirmish won she turned her attention to the surrounding killing fields, striking down lines of foes with such force the allied Rumas gained a deeper respect for the Diadoji Yojimbo (and a display to make lesser Kami jealous). With their mission successful, she was promoted to House Guard by her Yoritomo Daimiyo – increasing her status, honor and glorifying her as a minor clan champion amongst the strike forces in the ivory kingdoms.
+ Although her honorable nature was maintained in the assault on a key fortification on the river route to the Sing’s capital, the Daidoji refusing to sully herself with Gaijin armor, and despite her defense of their capable Shugenja against the swarm of disorientated enemies – when the shugenja’s earthquake spell was cast the party grabbed hold of the flying carpet to escape the fallout and thus she felt a slight dirtying of her battle honor at their retreat, despite the glory of their conquest.

Yoritomo Reika

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