Yoritomo Akihito

5'8" in height, Akihito is bald but for a long braided ponytail and a small goatee, both black. His face is weatherbeaten and he rarely smiles. He wears the Mantis colours of green and yellow.


Yoritomo Akihito – Yoritomo Bushi
Rank 4 – 200
Current XP to be spent – 0

Stamina – 3
Willpower – 3 EARTH – 3

Strength – 3
Perception – 3 WATER – 3

Reflexes – 3
Awareness – 3 AIR – 3

Agility – 3
Intelligence – 3 FIRE – 3

VOID – 3


Athletics (Swimming) – 3
Commerce – 4
Defense – 3
Jiujutsu (Improvised Weapons) – 1
Kenjutsu – 2
Knives (Kama) – 7
Sailing – 5
Games: Shogi – 2
Investigation (Notice) – 2
Lore: Gaijin Culture – 2
Medicine – 2
Battle – 1
Craft: Fishing – 1
Spears (Nage-Yari) – 3
Carouse – 1
Stealth – 3
Courtier – 3
Etiquette – 3
Sincerity – 3

Blood of Osano-Wo – 3
Daredevil – 2
Languages(Ivindi) – 1
Sacred Weapon (Storm Kama) – 6
Wary – 3
Purchased: Leadership

Disbeliever – 3
Greedy – 4
Lost love (Brother: Yoritomo Hikaru) – 3


Storm Kama (Pair)
Daisho Set
*3 Nage-Yari
Light Armour
Plate armour
Sturdy Clothing
Travelling Pack (blanket, chopsticks, coin purse, fishing pole, miniture shogi set, small folding stool, small hand mirror, small knife, small tent, weeks rations)
10 Koku

School Techniques

Yoritomo Bushi 1 – No Glory/Honour loss for using improvised/Peasant weapons. No Off-hand penalties for Dual wielding small/medium Peasant weapons. +1k0 to all Attack rolls.

Yoritomo Bushi 2 – Every time you hit an opponent in melee, his armour TN decreases by 5. This lasts for 2 rounds, is cumulative (up to a number of times equal to your school rank), and resets with each application.

Yoritomo Bushi 3 – May make attacks ad a simple action when wielding weapons possessing the Samurai and/or Peasant keywords

Yoritomo Bushi 4 – gain +10 armour TN if you move at least 5ft in a round; can sacrifice this bonus to gain 2 free raises towards the knockdown manouver


Son of Storms


Born in Thunder Dragon Bay, Akihito was barely a year old when his brother Hikaru was born. The two were close and joined the navy as was expected of loyal Yoritomo. They launched together on a ship in the middle of a thunderstorm, supposedly granting the vessel good fortune. However the captain was overconfident abd the ship ran into a massive hurricane, during which Hikaru was washed overboard and drowned. Akihito took the loss of his brother hard. He still wishes to do his duty to the clan, but has a hard time trusting his superiors. He belives that missions should be completed efficiently, with no room for error or jesting which could lead to loss of life. He has been on a number of trading missions to the Ivory Kingdoms, and has some degree of familiarity with the language and culture.

Yoritomo Akihito

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