Yoritomo Kazuya

A cheerful ronin who followed his Lord to the Mantis Clan, and now serves him from the shadows


Rank 7
Ronin (1)
Kitsune Ranger (5)
Sniper (1)

Sta: 4
Wil: 5 Earth: 4
Str: 3
Per: 3 Water: 3
Ref: 4
Awa: 4 Air: 4
Agi: 4
Int: 3 Fire: 3

Void: 4

Honour: 6.3
Status: 4 (House Guard)
Glory: 6.6

Way of the Land: Ivory Kingdoms (Singh, Cheiron, Rajput, Rumas) (2)
Language: Ivindi (1)
Wary (3)
Child of Chikushudo: Eyes of the Owl / Panther’s Moves (7) (Unsettling Visage)
Luck (2 ranks)
Friend of the Elements: Earth
Crystal-Edge Katana
Blessed Ivory-tipped split-sword
Blessed Ivory short-sword
Given opportunity to swear fealty to the Yoritomo – no longer ronin

Black Sheep
Sworn Enemy
Dark Secret

Ronin Rank 1: Gain +2k0 to Stealth Rolls

Ranger Rank 1: +1k0 to all rolls when tracking or folowing a trail, +2k0 if within woodland, jungle or similar environment. When in woodlands etc, may roll Lore: Bushcraft at TN10 to locate edible material for one adult human per day. Raises may be made for additional people, up to School Rank + 1

Ranger Rank 2: +1k0 to attack and damage rolls. +1k0 additional in woodland/jungle. If in woodland/jungle and enemy are unaware, add 1/2 Hunting or Hunting -3 to damage rolls.

Ranger 3: While outdoors, re-roll Per rolls to notice ambushes / potential danger. Gain 1k0 bonus to such rolls for allies as well. If successful, gain an additional round to perform actions and +5 Initiative.

Ranger Rank 4: Swords + Spears – SAA. Woodlands/Jungle = ranged attacks with Knives/Spears/Han-Kyu – SAA

Ranger Rank 5: Spend void point – either double armour TN + 1 simple action OR disengage from combat – Water Ring x10 free move, stealth TN 20 to vanish. 1k1 to opposed detection rolls, 3k1 in woodlands.

Sniper 1: Attack with Yumi as simple action, may ignore target’s natural reduction and 1/2 magical reduction

1,2,3 – 1
4,5,6 – 2
7,8,9 – 3
Athletics (Swimming, Climbing) 7
Sincerity 3
Stealth (Ambush, Sneaking) 10
Investigation (Notice) 7
Defense 7
Kenjutsu (Katana, No-dachi) 9
Hunting (Trailblazing) 5
Kyujutsu (Han-Kyu) 6
Lore: Bushcraft 3
Lore: Ivory Kingdom 3
Lore: Engineering 3
Medicine (Wound Treatment) 3
Knives 3
Sleight of Hand 5
Battle 5
Jiujutsu 1
Meditation 5
Lore: Ebon Hand 1

Mastery Abilities:
Athletics: 3: Moderate Terrain no reduction/Difficult Terrain reduces Water by 1
5: No movement penalties, regardless of terrain
7: Add 5 feet to one move action

Stealth: 3: Simple Move Actions Water x 5
5: Simple Move Actions Water x 10
7: Free Move as Normal
10: Free Raise to Stealth

Investigation: 3: 2nd attempt to Investigate with no TN increase
5: +5 to Contested Investigation Rolls
7: 3rd attempt

Defense: 3: Retain Def/Ref roll for consecutive Full-Defense
5: +3 Armour TN in Def/F-def
7: One Simple Action in Def

Kenjutsu: 3: Increase sword damage rolls by +1k0
5: Draw as Free action
7: Damage explode on 9

Hunting: 5: +1k0 to Stealth Rolls in wilderness

Kyujutsu: 3: Stringing a Bow is a Simple Action
5: Maximum Range increased by 50%

Battle: 5: Add Battle rank to Initiative

Striking as Air: In Def Stance, add Air Ring
Breath of Wind Style: Initiative +2 every Reaction round
Veiled Menace Style: Add Stealth rank to Armour TN

Han-Kyu with Str 2: Small, Range: 100’, TN +10 if used from horseback
Light Armour – Forest Green: Armour TN +5, Reduction: 3, Increase TN of Athletics and Stealth Rolls by 5
Assorted Arrows (10 Fleshcutter / 4 Armour Piercing)
3 Tanto: Small, 1k1
Daisho set:
Katana: Medium, Samurai, 3k2, spend Void to increase damage 1k1 (Crystal Edged)
Wakizashi: Medium, Samurai, 2k2, May be thrown up to 20’
Rugged clothing
4 Parangu: Medium, Peasant, 2k2, inflict more than 30 wounds = breaks
Camoflage Face-paint
One weeks rations
Travelling pack:
50’ Rope
Medical Kit
Bottle of Water
Grappling Hook
Parchment and Charcoal
Fishing Pole
3 Koku
1st Singh Ranger Clothes / Weapons
Yumi Str 3
Khanda 3k3
23 Dinar
Blessed Ivory split-sword Ivory tips 1k2 -1 reduction, crystal blade 3k2
Blessed Ivory short-sword 2k2


Kazuya is a cheerful man, who has served his Lord for many years, and continues to serve him now he has became Champion of the Mantis Clan. Out of place anywhere but the wilderness, Kazuya avoids his Lord’s Court as much as possible, instead preffering to spend his time perfecting his tracking skills, occasionaly working with the Tsuruchi Bounty Hunters.

His most recent trips have taken him to the Ivory Kingdoms, and he has borne witness to the growing troubles in that land, advising his Lord that Mantis involvement may become necessary.

Yoritomo Kazuya

Children of Thunder or War in the Ivory Kingdoms. Kit_Armour