Children of Thunder or War in the Ivory Kingdoms.

Session 1 - Intro
First session dating 11/10/12

Intro session went pretty normally.

The characters were introduced to their commander Yoritomo Arai, and briefed on their mission in particular . They spent their last night in Rokugan in various places (mostly the pub).

The trip was fairly uneventful, with everyone getting their sea legs pretty fast. You were greeted by the Singh warship Wavesong, and guided into the chief Singh port, Krakarai. Currently you are being boarded in a large tavern/barrack facility called Isha’s Rest, and whilst in Singh territory, this will be your default barracks. In case of an emergency muster, you are to gather weapons and armour only and assemble on the docks near your ship, the Roar of Isora. In addition to you as a party, the Isha’s rest has 40 other Mantis personnel barracked there, including the 10 Storm Legionnaires appointed to protect the Mantis Ambassador to the Singh, Yoritomo Tadaka. Their commander (the most senior Mantis stationed in the building) is called Yoritomo Tsuman, a veteran of 30 years service, with a grim looking scar across his face. The others in here are a mix of other Mantis personnel from several ships in the fleet. The buildings proprietor is an middle-aged middle-caste man called Jinder , and though the building is being hired by Mantis coin, he is not as fond of the Mantis bushi stationed there. His establishment sells alcoholic beverages and food, but you’ll pay for these out of your own coin.

In addition, your ships quartermaster is called Yoritomo Hubei, known commonly on ship as “Bay”. Any additional gear or coin you require per session, you need to requisition from him. Its assumed that perishables like rations and water are standard issue, but other things like weapons and such are on request only.

To the best of my knowledge,thats it for in character stuff. Join the RPGSoc forums and Obsidian Portal please (since without these two things, the campaigns going to be hard to follow). In the case of the former, send me a PM (my username is Sternhammer) telling me who you are and I can add you to the games subforum. The campaign URL for this campaign is . Send me your username on Obsidian portal, or add me as a friend (my OP username is YoritomoArai), and I’ll add you as a player on the campaign itself. I have transferred most of your character sheets to Obsidian Portal, allowing me to have a digital copy, and giving you a copy that is easily editable. In some cases (Laura), its not up yet,or there will be gaps in the sheet (such as crunch areas where kata and emphases haven’t been added, or fluff areas where there needs to be description and backstory for your character). When you’ve signed up to OP, I’ll transfer your character to you and you can edit it as you see fit.

Another thing quickly before I finish; those who havent already, can you please tell me if you want to play a year long or single semester campaign? I have asked all bar Nikolai and Max, and its currently leaning towards the former, but if you only want to play in 1 semester thats cool.

Any questions, PM me or send me an email at Abymt @ (remove the spaces)

Hope you enjoy this campaign as much as I’ve enjoyed making it thus far.


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